Day Trip to San Francisco

It's about a 7-hour drive but DH and his siblings are on their way up north to visit their uncle who is currently in the ICU. The doctors have not pinpointed exactly the reason for his weakening condition. They initially thought it was pneumonia but soon realized it must be something else. They left about 45 minutes ago and hope to reach their destination at around 7 am. They are planning on coming back today too. I'm telling you - it's a crazy plan! They are spending more than half of their day on the road - literally!!! And I betcha that DH will be driving most, if not all of the way. It is our vehicle that they are using and he's the type who has a hard time being passenger in his own vehicle. Knowing that he is working on Monday, I had to make sure that he took his vitamins for men just so his body won't break down on him. I'm praying that God send His angels to watch over him and bring him back home safely to us later tonight. We let the kids stay up 'til they left. As soon as they drove off from the garage, the girls were already saying, "I miss Daddy already!" Sweet but I could not help but laugh too. C'mon, girls... not even a minute had gone by yet! LOL! They are really sweet thought. And they do love their Daddy so much!