Prayer Request

Last Saturday, I blogged about DH and his siblings driving up to Northern Cali to visit their uncle who is sick. They were supposed to drive back down last night but they've decided to stay one more day. Seems like their uncle's condition is more serious than they originally thought.
At the beginning, they thought it was pneumonia but doctors observed that he wasn't responding to treatment and in fact was declining. For a while, they could not give a diagnosis. After several tests and MRI, looks like it is a rare condition that affects muscles. In his case, it is his lungs that are affected right now. He is on a vent and DH says it does not look good. I think they were hoping to transfer him out of the local VA hospital where he is currently admitted into a bigger one that will be able to meet his needs. He is a navy vet and so receives low cost health insurance from the government.
Please pray with our family that God will touch his lungs and remove all that is preventing him from breathing on his own. We pray for a miracle. In that miracle, may He be glorified.