One Thousand Gifts

holy experience

I found this "exercise" thru fellow scrapper Aja Abney and I'd like to start my own list too. Let's see how long till my list gets to one thousand.

What am I grateful for this week?
1. homeschooling my girls - it's been a most wonderful experience to be so closely involved in their education. It's such a precious gift.
2. DH who quietly fulfills my requests. I mentioned that I wanted new writing tables to use for the girls and wondered if I should check out Walmart or Bed Bath and Beyond to see if they have any that we would be able to use. That evening, he came home with a set. Sigh. He reminds me of my grandfather.
3. I was just contacted by the homeschool co-op that they're accepting our application to join this semester. Classes start on Thursday!!
4. I've been consistent on the treadmill, 30 minutes everyday.
5. my home
6. Hawaii trip - I know we haven't gone but I am already thankful even now
7. My men's and women's group in our community.
8. internet - whatever would I do without it? LOL!
9. good health - we have all been relatively healthy with the occasional cough and cold
10. my camera - I am able to capture those little moments