On the Road Again

We got back from SFO last Monday. After the funeral and reception, we drove back home. It has been a very tiring trip for everyone. I actually warned DH that I was really tired and reminded him that I don't do tired very well. DH, on the other hand, is able to plow on despite being tired. Maybe it was just the fatigue catching up to me but motion sickness attacked big time. Usually, I get nauseated when I try to read in the car or watch something or stoop forward to pick up something or look back. Okay, so just about anything can trigger my motion sickness, even simply reading the motorhome insurance ad plastered on the truck beside us. I am usually able to keep it under control. Not this time though. Ugh! I never want to get that feeling again. If I did not have to attend to the kids' needs, I would've certainly taken dramamine already or something similar.

Do you suffer from motion sickness in the car? What remedies have you tried?