Happy New Year

Happy New year everyone! We managed to take this snapshot in the last minutes of 2009 as we were getting ready to welcome 2010.

We actually spent the last day of 2009 rather nicely as a family. The morning was devoted to chores. It wasn't much of a morning because we all slept in! DH and DS went for haircuts. The girls played while I prepared the food we were going to have that evening. After a late lunch together, we all settled in for a time of prayer. Except for DD3, we all listed in our own notebooks that things we were thankful for. DD2 drew hers instead because she could not spell yet. DD1 wrote her list herself. I was really proud of her. After sharing our lists with each other, we then made another list - petitions this time. DD2 & DD3 were unable to sit still long enough for this. There was one common petition in all our lists - a new house! LOL! I guess that kids have been hearing us pray for that often enough that this was what stuck in their heads to pray for. LOL! Yes, we would love a new house with more rooms and maybe an in-law house at the back for my parents. Personally, I don't think we can have a new house this year, maybe not even in the next 5 years, but God could surprise us, right? Besides, asking for something is free so why not ask away?

Today, we started our day with DH at work. The kids and I watched the Rose parade on TV. And now, I've got laundry splish-sploshing in the washing machine. Yep, we're starting the year squarely in the face by doing our chores and being responsible. Not too much lounging around for us. That is a good start, right?

Happy New Year everyone! Hope this year will bring all of us blessings of love, laughter and life.