Project 365

I've restarted this yearlong project once again. I hope I can finish it this time. The first year, I reached until October before life took over and missed finishing the whole year. Last year, I lasted until May. I'm keeping it simple this year. I will be posting it on my Project 365 blog. That's it. Having to post it at multiple sites bogged me down in the past. Trying to scrap weekly/monthly reviews did too. So, this year, I'm keeping it simple. Take a picture. Process a bit. Blog it. Done. I'm hoping that this simple workflow will get me to stick to the project for the whole year.
I really like how the project pushes me to see my life in closer detail. Last year just felt like a blur with days melting into the next. Having this project helps me to slow down and savor moments.
Savoring moments was something I was "forced" to do last Saturday when our family went on an impromptu trip to Disneyland. We arrived at the park after 2 pm which is very late by our standards. Our usual "schedule" of activities was thrown off. I could have gotten stressed but I just went with the flow. The lines were long. Wait times were the usual 45 min to an hour. Took it all in stride. Even as I stood in line in the cold, waiting for my turn to buy coffee, I was savoring the moment. I think I was too friendly (and perhaps charming) that the old man in front of the line began chatting me up. He was feeling cold too, he said because he's from Hawaii and not used to this type of nighttime chill. He used to work at a dealership and talked about motorhome warranty - he lost me there as he continued to mumble a few more things. He was going to buy me coffee. I smiled and politely refused. I found it amusing because his girlfriend (I think) kept saying, "Oh, we don't know her." It led me to thinking that this was a penpal sort of thing and he was probably visiting her and her family. LOL! The stories that grow in my mind!
Anyway, as I was saying, I've started taking my pics again. I have a little slideshow in my sidebar if you want to see the pictures.
Have a good day!