The Christmas Passed

Whew! I cannot believe how quickly this holiday season is passing. I was talking to SIL about how unprepared I felt going into the season - like it came upon us in an instant. She commented that a lot of people felt the same way, including her. The holidays usually come and go quickly but for some reason, this year, I was late getting into everything. We got our tree well into the middle of December which meant that we got to decorating late too. I was able to make our Xmas cards after Thanksgiving but only got to send it out the week before Christmas which means that people overseas might be receiving theirs well into the new year. Our family got our Christmas activities going a week before Christmas but I really felt like I was in a fog that whole time, like those people in the allergy relief commercials? Pfft...
Anyway, whether I felt it or not, Christmas day has come and gone but we're still celebrating Christmas here. Leftovers still abound in the fridge. Gifts have been unwrapped but we have not let the kids open all of them. We're pacing them so that they can be excited about a new toy everyday.
The kids are enjoying the holidays as they have been able to stay up way later than usual. This is good for me too because it means that I can sleep in because they're waking up later too. Too bad for DH though coz he has to go to work! Awww...
I'l leave you with some pics of our activities prior to Christmas day.

This was DS' school Christmas program on the evening of the 17th. I hardly got a good shot of him because he kept turning away.

DS' class presented the Stations of the Crib the next day during their school mass. It was interesting as this was the first time I had even heard of it. DS was a shepherd. They presented it after the celebration of the Eucharist. They were all by the altar. As expected, DS kept hiding behind his classmates and I was not able to get a decent shot of him! Argh!

On Sunday, we went to see the Living Nativity presented by Granite Creek Church in neighboring Claremont. It was beautiful. It was a big production with several scenes. You could walk through (which we did) or drive through. I think it took us about an hour from the time we arrived to the time we finished at the last scene/station. If we should do this again, I think we'll drive through but make sure to be there early on so that the wait will not be too long.

On Monday, we went to the Bob Baker Marionette Theater in LA. This was a fieldtrip with other homeschooling families. It was a nice show. All the puppets were handcrafted so there is that old-fashioned feel to it. The puppeteers were awesome. The kids were seated right on the floor so that throughout the show, the marionettes would march right up to the kids. The kids were instructed not to touch them though but it was still fun to have them right there in front of you. After the show, the group was led to the adjoining room and given free ice cream.

On Wednesday, BIL took DS fishing and they caught five fishes that we had for dinner that evening. DS was super excited about that one.

So, that was our busy week before Christmas. I'll post the rest of our pics at Flickr and Facebook so family and friends, look out for them there.