2000 miles and counting

Our family is currently in the bay area for the wake and funeral of DH's uncle. It's all happened so suddenly. Exactly a week ago, DH and his siblings just drove up here to visit him because he was in the hospital, presumably for pneumonia. It was later diagnosed to be a rare condition that affected his lungs. DH drove down on Monday, only to be woken up early Tuesday morning by a call from his aunt that they were being called to the hospital because his uncle had turned for the worse. DH flew up later that day. His uncle died the next morning. DH then drove down on a rental car on Thursday so he could pick us up. It was during the height of the storm so it was an extra lengthy drive for him as part of the route was closed due to snow. On hindsight, he should've just taken a plane ride down because factoring in gas into the price of the rental, he must've only saved about $10 in all. Ugh! Totally not worth the trouble of driving down. Good thing that he did not bite into the auto insurance quote he was being talked into getting in addition to the price of the car. He asked me to fax in our auto insurance policy as proof that he already had insurance coverage.
Anyway, we drove back up here on Friday. We drive back down tomorrow, Monday. DH and I were computing the miles he had traveled in the past week. One way is close to 400 miles. When we go back tomorrow, it would make 3 round trips that he's done. It would roughly be 2400 miles that he's traveled. That's a lot of traveling to have done in a week, isn't it? And then a few days later, he and I will be traveling to Hawaii to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. Whew - when did we become so well-traveled? LOL!