A Look Back

DD3 turned 3 last Monday and we had a simple dinner at home. Unfortunately, DH was not able to celebrate with us because he was still up north due to his uncle's then critical condition. It was all good though.

As I looked through the pics today, I saw a pattern. I always take a pic of her blowing the candles on her cake, focus on the candles and her blurred in the background.
Check out this series:

Do you notice an improvement too? I was excited to see that my photographic eye seem to be improving. I'm learning to zoom in more and get to the heart of the photo. Notice how cluttered the first one looks. Well, I know the clutter of my fridge door does not help. LOL! On the second one, I've zoomed in closer but it still looks like an ordinary snapshot. The third one, my favorite so far, shows much more movement and energy, I think. I'm so happy for me. I am learning even if only on my own by looking at works of photographers and noting what pics grab my attention. Being on Flickr has helped a lot in giving me ideas to try. Seeing all these beautiful photographs by awesome photographers inspire me to stretch myself too. And I realize that it's not all about the camera too. It's about learning to see the world differently. An average shot whether it's taken by a simple point and shoot or a high-tech DSLR will still be an average shot. Much like how a boring TV show, whether you're watching it on an older TV or one of the newer samsung led hdtv is still a boring TV show. It's not the tool or instrument that makes something pop or makes you go "WOW". It is that special way of seeing the world, a way of looking beyond and seeing the beauty in the everyday that makes things special.

And I think that I am starting to open up my eye to that. My project365 definitely helps. I know I have a long way to go. I have much to learn still with my photography skills. But I'm glad to see that I am learning to see creatively and I'm trusting my instinct about what I find beautiful and inspiring. It's actually quite liberating.


Jacky Cheng | Saturday, January 23, 2010 7:12:00 AM

those are really good pictures! you seem to be developing your talent! :)