With This Ring...

We went to the wedding of DH's cousin last Saturday in the Bay area. It was beautiful. They bride was beautiful of course. What I really liked was the reception. The church ceremony was at noon. They had a lunch reception with their immediate families soon after. At 5:30 pm, there was the party for everyone invited. The party was held in their new house. And I enjoyed how intimate and warm and cozy the whole event felt. I felt like it was a real celebration of this couple.
As we entered the house, the living room was transformed into the buffet area. Their flat screen TV showed their video montage. This was playing all night so you could come in and watch it at your own convenience. The dining area was the dessert area. At the same table was the guest book. Instead of the usual thing you see at weddings, they had bought this art book ( I forgot to look at the title and artist) and asked people to find a page that they liked or one that reminded them of the couple and write a message for them in there. It was the first time I had seen this and thought it was really unique!
At the garage was the party scene. They had the bar there and the younger folks were partying. The backyard was illuminated by strings of blue and white lights. There was a small firepit where people could congregate to warm themselves. They had the father-daughter dance followed by a romantic first dance by the couple. The bouquet and garter toss were done there too.
Anyway, I really really enjoyed the reception. If I were yet to get married, it would be a reception I would love to have for myself.
The wedding also brought DH's relatives together for a mini-reunion. His uncle and cousin flew in from Miami to attend the event. There were 3 families (ours included) that drove from So.Cal. And another family from around the Bay area was there too. It was an awesome weekend filled with laughter and giggles. It was simply hilarious to have all the cousins swapping stories, etc. And all the kids running around, getting to know their 2nd cousins, it was truly family mayhem ( the good kind of course!)
The only sort of damper for the weekend was seeing DH's uncle just hobble in pain. From what DH learned of the meds his uncle had been taking, he must've been in a lot of pain because those were heavy-duty pain meds he was taking. I'm still not clear on what was causing the pain but I could clearly see that it was kind of hard for him to move around, expecially by the end of Saturday. The festivities of the day must have worn him out.
We drove back home yesterday and arrived late at night here. I've declared it a school holiday for me and my girls. Yeah! But DS still had to go to school though. At least, I'm getting to kick back and relax today. I think I'm keeping it a light school week. It is a pretty special week for me after all. ;)