'Twas Good while it Lasted

This should be my last post about our summer staycation this year. It really was a blast. And according to my mom, my uncle and aunt remarked that it was the most fun vacation they've had too in a long while. It was not the most posh vacation. In fact, they were pretty disappointed with our acommodations at Dolphin's Cove. Accdg. to them, the classiest and best one they had been to was during their Orlando vacations. It was just the 2 of them at that time. This vacation was really more homey and family-focused. They got to meet a lot of friends and family whom they had not seen in years. But I'm pretty sure my cute and adorable kids also had a lot to do with this being their "funnest" ever. *wink*
They had so much fun in fact that I heard from my mom yesterday that my aunt has already booked their spring break vacation and we'll be heading over to Oceanside. Woot! Woot!