Fishing at Redondo Beach

Are you tired of my posts re our staycation yet? I'm almost done so just hold on, ok? LOL!

On our last full day, we went to Redondo Beach. There was really nothing planned.

Uncle L was so pleased to see that there was an area open for fishing. I had forgotten that he is an avid fisherman. From what I recall, he goes ice-fishing regularly during the cold winter months in Wisconsin.

Anyway, only DS showed interest in this activity so the rest of us decided to walk along the boardwalk. It was nice with quaint little shops. There was an old-fashioned arcade too. The only thing I did not appreciate was the lack of clean toilets. Sure, it's a public place and one cannot be picky but still... I felt the toilets were just a notch above port-a-potties because there was a sink and bathroom faucets with which to wash your hands. The smell though and the general cleanliness ( or lack thereof) was almost just the same. I shudder just thinking about it, honestly.

When we got back to our fishing duo, they had not caught anything. However, DS eagerly announced that they *almost* caught a fish. It had gotten away as they were reeling in their line. DS seemed to enjoy it even with the failed catch. I think that if they had maybe stayed longer, they could probably have caught something. At least it was a good experience for DS.