Digiscrapping Mojo is back

Woohoo! So glad to be back scrapping again. I think it's been almost 2 months since I last scrapped. First off, it's the kids' summer break so we've been quite busy. But what really contributed to my lack of scrap time was that my laptop is sick. Boohoo. It's technically still working except that the monitor has gone completely black. DH has been tinkering with it. First, he thought it was one part that was busted. Bought a replacement part. Good thing there are companies that sell wholesale computers parts on the web so it's not too difficult to get one's hands on computer parts. However, it turns out it's a completely different thing that's wrong. And here's where it gets worse. I *think* he may have tinekered with it too much and has the wiring all mixed up or something. He bought a new LCD screen but it's still not working. He won't admit it nor will I bring it up (not yet anyway) but he messed up and got himself in over his head this time. Sigh... I really liked my laptop. And I really miss being wireless. Right now, I'm stuck here in my son's room where the other computer is. Sigh...
Onto the happy news, my creative energy has shown up again! I was able to get 3 pages done in the last week! I am sooooo stoked! Everything that I used for these pages are from ScrapArtist.com.
The first one is a page I created for the challenge that is currently going on at ScrapArtist - to use one of Michael Jackson's songs as inspiration. I'd be really happy if you could join in the challenge. Simply use any of his songs as your page title, use at least 2 lines from that song on your page, add something white and some sequins.

The second one is about DD3. It started when I saw that word art and immediately thought of DD3. She is definitely unpredictable! Then I found the perfect photo and everything just flowed from there. Don't you just love it when everything just falls into place. I love that feeling!

The third one is for the Hodge Podge journaling challenge - to start with "Today You..." and list 10 things that happened that day. I thought it was perfect for DD2's bedtime prayer. She always has a long list. I simply kept in mind 10 things she said during our bedtime prayer last Friday.