My aunt and uncle are arriving tomorrow for their annual summer vacation. They will be vacationing in Anaheim. They are the same ones who "sponsored" our Sedona vacation last year.

I feel like we're the hosts this time except that they're paying for the resort stay. (They use their time share.) Anyway, it will be more of a "staycation" for us since Anaheim is just about 30 minutes away from where we live. The kids are just excited to be staying at a resort. The place is less than a mile away from Disneyland but I don't think they are planning on going to the park. I really believe that they decided to vacation in Anaheim to be able to vacation with our kids.

We haven't made definite plans as to where we will take them. One of our possible stops is the Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels at downtown LA. I haven't actually been there myself so it would be nice to visit too. Then we'll be heading to Yang Chow, a restaurant highly recommended by good friends. I've asked a good friend to recommend dishes to order and oh my, her list is making my mouth water. Yes, it's a long list of really yummy food. diet pills will surely be in order to counteract the overeating I am sure I will be doing. Anyway, food ingested during vacation does not count, do they?

We'll be away for several days. Then, they will stay one night in our house before they fly back to Milwaukee. It's going to be a fun stay for sure.