iPhone apps

As I was cleaning and dusting earlier today, the iPhone commercial aired in the show I was watching on TV. Their phone apps are really cool. The iphone accessories are fun too. Seems like they've thought of things to make life easier for everybody. "We've got an app for just about everything," is what they say.

Well, you know what app I want to have as I stood there with a rag on one hand and Windex on another? I want an app that will clean my house! I want an app that will erase the dust and grime with a touch of a finger. I want an app that will mop my floors with the swoosh of my hand. Yes, that's the type of app I want!

And yes, I'm kinda grumpy because cleaning and me don't get along very well, in case you have not inferred that by now. Hmp!


donna | Tuesday, July 21, 2009 7:10:00 AM

i agree! someone make that app and you will be crazy-wealthy!