Fountain of Youth

Do you want to discover the fountain of youth? The best wrinkle creams? The fastest wrinkle removers?

It's definitely laughing with your kids!

My kids definitely make me want to tear my hair off sometimes but I'm learning (after 4 kids! I guess I'm a slow learner. LOL) to not take life seriously all the time. These kids are really only young once and it is important to enjoy them right now! Their spontaneity and zest for life is truly infectious if you allow yourself to enjoy them. And laughing with your kids will truly make your face glow and your spirits soar.

The other day, DD3 was "reading" the book, A Bad Case of Stripes. The page where the little girl was being examined by the doctor fascinated her. The illustration showed the doctor pulling up the girl's eyelid to examine her eyes. DD3 comes up to me excitedly and shows me this face...
Now, wouldn't that make you laugh?!