DD3 is such a character. At the tender age of 2, she already knows how to push my buttons and how to charm her way back to my good graces.

I was having a long day yesterday. DD3 was being especially hyper as I was giving her a quick bath. When she continued to jump around and around with me trying to get her dressed, I exclaimed with exasperation, "Naiinis na ako!"(I'm getting terribly pissed!).

She stopped. Turned to face me. Put her hands in front of her in a praying position. Bowed from the waist toward me and said, "Master."

OMG! I collapsed onto the bed laughing! Her comic timing is impeccable!


donna | Tuesday, July 21, 2009 7:14:00 AM

that's just so funny! grabe! i'm laughing too!! hahaha parang karate kid!!