Homeschool bound

As the end of summer draws near, I am reminded of the start of a new journey for me and my girls. Starting this fall, I will be homeschooling DD1 and DD2. DD1 will be in Kindergarten and DD2 will be pre-K. I am both excited and nervous which would be quite normal I think.

I've decided to register with a private satellite program which means that they send me the curriculum/lesson plans I need. Plus, they provide an advisor that I can consult with at any time. They also provide the necessary record-keeping - attendance, grades, etc. I will be providing them with sample work of the kids quarterly to keep for the records and to assess if we are on track.

It would be awesome if I had a dedicated room to use complete with classroom furniture. Unfortunately, we do not have space in our home so the dining room will have to suffice for now. I'm planning on using my old computer hutch where I currently keep my crafting supplies as our family's "homeschool central." I will put there the books and supplies of the kids. My crafting supplies will have to find another home.

Please continue to pray for us as we embark on this journey.