I Feel Good!!!

I finally have Adobe Lightroom installed on the desktop! Woohoo!!

My laptop monitor is busted. It turns completely black although when you shine a flashlight on it, you can see the image. DH thought it was a case of a busted power inverter or something so he ordered a new one. The first one came but it seemed busted too. Waited for a new one. Got it and the laptop worked for a couple of days and conked out on me again. Arrghhhh!

It's now been almost a month and during that time, I haven't done anything creative. It is sooo frustrating. Before DH's birthday last Friday, I don't think I had touched the camera for 2 weeks! And I had not scrapped either.


I had become so reliant on my Lightroom to post-process my pics that I was just uninspired when I could not play with my Lightroom. The program is saved and installed in my laptop, not in this desktop. I did not realize that my laptop repair would be taking so long so I had not bothered to look for my backup disk. Finally, yesterday, I decided to do something about my lack of creativity. I looked for my backup, installed my Lightroom and today spent a portion of the day just playing around with different presets and just enjoying processing the pics I had taken from Friday. No scrap pages yet but I have a feeling it will come soon. 'Bout time!

Maybe once I get back my digiscrapping groove on, I can start working on hybrid scrapping again. I used to do some digi crafts that I would give out as presents. One that is always well-received is my decorated tile. I design a scrap page, take an ordinary ceramic tile and decoupage the page to the tile. It always turns out beautifully. Here is one of the earlier ones I had made as a gift for SIL on her birthday.

Anyway, I hope that by my next post, I've done some scrap pages to share.

I feel good!!!


Mia Castrillo | Sunday, July 05, 2009 11:40:00 AM

Hmmm... What a great idea! I must try this sometime as shadowboxes can get pretty expensive here. :D

J | Tuesday, July 07, 2009 5:13:00 PM

You definitely have to try it! Super cheap! I'm sure you've got all the materials anyway. I either spraypaint the back of the tile with gold paint or cover it with black felt. Not necessary but just makes it more presentable!