New-found Family

My aunt and uncle's visit last week prompted a mini-reunion among my mom and aunt's cousins. I had only met one cousin and her family before about 4 years ago. For the rest, it was my first time to meet them. It's fun to meet new relatives and see physical similarities. It's fun to hear family stories too. I'm just fascinated by it.

We also got to meet our 2nd cousins. They're much younger than me but we hit it off nicely. Felt comfortable particularly with the 2 daughters of Uncle E. We also learned that Aunt L had recently gotten married so we got to meet her husband. He seems a good fellow. She has 2 children back in the Philippines whom she hopes to bring her soon. She hopes that her son who finished his nursing degree would be able to pass the NCLEX and find work here. It should not be a very difficult thing to achieve. He may also want to look into some medical coding training courses as back-up. I hear that medical billing services of some doctors here are being outsourced in the Philippines too.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience - meeting all these new-found family. I grew up seeing my own cousins and aunts and uncles regularly. It's something I hope my own kids would experience too. You cannot replace the value of family!