Domestic Diva

I baked some chocolate chip muffins yesterday - from scratch! Yes, this was not from a box or a pouch...pat myself on the back. I actually found the recipe on the web a few weeks ago and thought that it seemed pretty simple. I've been meaning to make some but it was only yesterday that I finally got down to it. I needed a dozen baked goodies to bring for DS' scout requirement so might as well try this recipe.

Thank goodness it turned out well. I like the muffin texture as opposed to the spongy texture of a cupcake. This was most definitely a muffin. And I loved that it was so simple to make. I did not even need to bring our the hand mixer nor the bulky Kitchenaid. If a recipe calls for bringing out the bulky Kitchenaid, then I'm almost immediately turned off. I hate taking that thing out! I only use it myself if I absolutely need to try a recipe or bake something from scratch.

I actually have not baked from scratch for quite a while now. Why should I when there are mixes/pouches readily available? I understand that they are not quite as good as homemade goodies but sometimes when you're just craving for something sweet, they do well.

My mom, on the other hand, just loves to cook and bake. Maybe some of her recent baking had inspired me. Who knows? I found this wonderful oatmeal thins recipe(again on the internet) that I gave her. She immediately tried it. It turned out quite lovely! Yummy, with a capital Y!

That's a problem for me because I just can't seem to stop eating it! LOL! DH has been teasing me with references to my weight, exercising, even diet pill reviews like Apidexin review in the hope that I get annoyed enough to actually start doing something about my weight gain. husband does not seem to know me well enough in this department. He had suggested that I buy an outfit that is a size lower than I usually am so that I'd be motivated to get into that size. Not really a big motivation for me. I was telling him that what I need is a workout buddy. If exercising becomes a social activity for me, then you know that I am so there!!! Anyone nearby who wants to be my workout buddy, just let me know! LOL!