Weddings Galore

We recently received news that there will be 2 weddings happening at the end of May within a week of each other.

BIL will be getting married at Las Vegas on Memorial weekend. We'll be going as a family of course! I'm not exactly sure what the arrangements are going to be though. DH is taking care of that. I have no details on the wedding either. I did not even know they were planning to get married that soon! Accdg. to BIL, they will have a church wedding too - someday! LOL! I don't think this was their original plan but I'm still happy for them. They're both grown-ups and they're responsible for their decisions.

A little less that a week after BIL's wedding, DH's friend is getting married in West Virginia. He's still deciding whether he will go to that wedding or not. This is a really good friend and we'd love to celebrate with him. Yet, we're not sure if this is something we can afford. At the most, it would probably be just DH flying to West Virginia to attend this.

Given the traveling that DH will be doing, it might be prudent to look into travel insurance online. Our current insurance could have this covered but we need to make sure.