Earth Day

I did not even realize that it was Earth day yesterday. Yeah, I guess I'm so out of the loop! LOL!

I may not have known it was Earth day but I have been doing my part. For about a month now, I've gone back to putting out the laundry to line dry instead of using the dryer. It's been helpful that the weather has been beautiful and sunshine's been abundant. I think that for most of the year, I can do this regularly.

Aside from the benefit of saving electricity, I have found that hanging our wash in the clothesline has helped me stay on top of the never-ending loads of laundry. I do at least a load a day. I've been doing this for a while now so that it does not get too overwhelming for me. My "problem" was that I often forget them in the dryer or if I take them out, I don't always fold them and so clean unfolded clothes piled up.

However, since hanging out the laundry, I've been more diligent in folding the clothes. I feel quite proud actually that I'm staying on top of this. I've even bought a new steam iron and have done more ironing in the past month than I've done in the past year! LOL!! I'm kidding of course.

I'm invigorated a bit by my renewed sense of responsibility towards the care of the earth. I've even become more aware of earth-friendly appliances in my friends' homes. I was just over at my friend's house over the weekend and noticed that her toilet has the half-flush option so it does not use as much water. I'm wondering now how I can improve our water efficiency in our home. I was told that I should look for the Water Sense label when looking at water fixtures. I'll have to look into this when there's a new Grohe faucet sale.

DH has replaced our light bulbs with more energy efficient ones too. But I want to replace our outdoor lights with these solar powered lamps I saw at the newspaper last week.

Check me out - I'm being so earth-good!!! Woohoo!