From the Kitchen of Mrs.G

My mom had a small business back in Manila selling baked goodies. Everything was baked to order. I believe that her bestseller was her rum cake. It really is very good even if personally, it isn't my favorite. Her customers were usually her own friends or friends of my brothers. That's usually how businesses start, don't they?

Now that she is here, she's exploring the possibility of continuing this small business. I don't know how far she's willing to go. I think it is possible but will require more work from her than what she was used to back in Manila.

Re: products, I found a recipe for oatmeal crisp cookies that could hit it big. She tried the recipe earlier today. It was good but still needs some tweaking. If she perfects this, it would be awesome!

How cool would it be to have it go big enough so that the business can accept credit card payments too? huh-huh-huh! There are portable credit card machines that small businesses use right?

That's going too far ahead now...still, it never hurt to dream.