God's Perfect Timing

God is indeed good. And His timing is always perfect.

I praise and thank God for the good that has happened to good friends of ours. Mr.C lost his job about 2 months ago. He was in the banking industry and was not surprised when he was laid off. He was kinda expecting it. Still, it is still disheartening to lose one's job, particularly because they were a 1-income family.

They remained hopeful and even praised the Lord for His goodness. Why? Because at the time he was laid off, their home equity line of credit had not been closed yet. As soon as he received the news of being laid off, he immediately withdrew the balance of the line so that they would still have money for their living expenses even while there was no income coming in.

Mr.C continued to look for a job. He had job interviews here and there. They continued to pray and trust in the Lord.

Then, last week, a bank offered him a job. Once again, God proves that He is faithful to those who love and serve Him.

The best part? Mr.C has been asked to start exactly a day after his last paycheck from the previous job arrives!

Break out a bottle of the wine of the month and let's celebrate God's goodness! God is good - all the time!!!