Care packages

Bro3 who is currently in New York should be receiving a care package from us soon. After almost a month, I finally got his package shipped. My mom arrived from the Philippines last month and had brought with her a lot of food. She was even able to bring bagoong! Can you believe that? If you're not familiar with bagoong, it's a salty shrimp paste that is usually used as a condiment. It's oh so good but really smells fishy. It is quite hard to mask the smell and those drug-sniffing dogs in the airport usually catch the smell easily.

Anyway, when Bro3 learned that we had some bagoong, he asked that we send some his way. With a heavy heart (hehehe), I shared some. Sigh.

Speaking of Bro3, he will be leaving for his summer language immersion program in about a month's time. He is going to Senegal. It would not have been my first choice of country to visit personally but Bro3's heart is quite different from mine. Here's wishing that he has a fruitful experience. Heard from my mom that they he and his roommate will be giving up the apartment they've been renting and maybe putting their things in storage while they're away. My mom suggested that they can also ask to have thier things stored at my cousin's place in New Jersey. I think Bro 3 prefers the storage in the city to the hassle of having to transport their stuff to NJ. I don't think they have that many things to warrant hiring moving companies but still they would need a vehicle to transport their stuff. Well, whatever works best for them!

Bro3, best of luck on your trip!! God bless you!