Hypochodriac perhaps?

I have a feeling that someone in our family is slowly becoming a hypochondriac. And what is to blame for the onset of this "disease?" Why, the multiple medical ads this person sees on TV, of course!

"Do you have difficulty in breathing? You might have a blood clot!"
"Have you been exposed to asbestos? You could have mesothelioma !"
"Are you feeling numbness on the left arm? You could be experiencing a heart attack!"

One time, this person mentioned something about health issues and the first one question I asked was, "What TV ad did you see again?" LOL! Not that I'm dispeling any possible health issues this person might have. It is quite possible. However, this person has been seeing a doctor regularly, watching the food intake, etc. Plus, it is fortunate that we have a medical professional that can be consulted for free when needed.