I think I'm experiencing a small amount of nesting...and no, I am NOT pregnant!!!

Just that I'm having this urge to change up our bedroom. I want to buy new nightstands, bring in new curtains and area rugs and simply make it a cozier place. Right now, it's such a dumping ground. There is this one particular corner that seems to be taking a life of its own. It's become a dumping ground of sorts. Unfolded laundry from the dryer is there. Books that the kids have read are there. DH's old stereo system is there. Old clothes that I'm ready to donate are right there too. I just want to clear that space out!!!

First step would have to be to get my new nightstands and table lamps. I really feel like if I add these to our room, it would make a world of a difference and get me to start making it a cozier, more serene space. The article I read in Real Simple magazine has me picturing my improved room in my mind. Let's see if and when it becomes a reality.