Father & Son

Ever since the 2009 started, I have noticed an extra effort on the part of DH to have some father & son time with DS. Not that DH did not spend time with his son before. It just seems that he is more comfortable now with DS. Perhaps it is because DS is getting older and they are able to find common activities that interest them both.

In January, they both went to a Lakers game at Staples Center. DS also signed up for the City Basketball League so they've been shooting hoops whenever DH is free. The games are on Saturdays so there are games that DH misses because he is at work. In the past month when DS' games were in the afternoon, DH would come home early so he could be at the game.

From the picture above, Guitar Hero has become another activity both boys enjoy.

Also, just last Sunday, DH took DS to the Nascar races in Fontana speedway. (On a sidenote, DS dropped our point & shoot camera there. The LCD screen is busted. It still takes pics but you can't preview your pic anymore. Good thing that thing's at least 5 years old already. If it were the brand-new camcorder DH had just bought over the thanksgiving sale in November, I'm sure he would have been livid!!!)

Back to my point...

It really warms my heart to see my 2 boys bonding thru activities. Watching this growing relationship also strengthened the stereotype in my mind of how males bond through activities as opposed to the bonding of females through talking and relating. Women are more relational. Men relate better when it is in the context of an activity. I'm sure there are exceptions but DH leans toward the stereotype.

Anyway, earlier today, I told DH how much I appreciate the time and effort he's been making for DS. To which he replied, "You should do the same for the girls. They're getting older too, you know."

Yup, I really should make more effort in spending one-on-one time with each of my girls.


karen | Friday, March 06, 2009 3:37:00 PM

that's really nice. your son will cherish these bonding moments for the rest of his life. =)