School Dinner Dance

It's the annual dinner-dance at DS' school tonight. Sadly though, we are not going. I haven't convinced DH so far that this would be a nice thing to go to. The first year, we didn't go because I just gave birth. Last year and this year, DH was not too keen on going. I will convince him to go one of these years. There will be maybe 10 more years to try to convince him! LOL!

One of the parents at the school was telling me how much fun they have at these events. Just a nice time to relax with other parents, dress up a bit and have fun with the auction. They have really fun auction items too. This year, I think there are Vegas vacations, a pebble beach getaway, some Laker tickets, Lakers jersey signed by all current Laker players, Twilight books autographed by Stephanie Meyer, Twilight poster autographed by the cast. Awesome goodies right? I don't know if I would have money to spend on them but it would be nice to bid once in a while, right?

I'm thinking of inviting some of our friends if we could all be on one table and make it a couples night out next year. We'll see...