Feeling senti

So the blur of the holidays have started to slow down. My 2 brothers are back in Manila. My youngest brother is leaving this Friday. School's begun for both kids. Life seems back to our usual grind. It was an awesome 3 weeks of family time. So much so that there is a slight twitch in my heart when I look back.

I see the bonds my brothers formed with my kids and wonder how much stronger those bonds could be if we were living in closer proximity to each other.

I remember them playing basketball with the kids and wish they'd still be here to watch DS' games in the city basketball league.

I hear the countless knock-knock jokes exchanged among them and smile, hoping that my brothers would be here when the kids finally get what the jokes are supposed to say.

I wish they lived closer. I wish we lived closer.

The night before they left, I blurted out to bro1, "Dito nalang kayo."(Live here instead.) I wish it were that simple. I've said it before and I say it again... I know my kids' lives will be so much more enriched if they had the steady presence of their uncles in their lives. I know my brothers. I know they are good for my kids.

But it was I who moved away. I moved away from my home country and started my family here. If DH weren't based here, there would be absolutely no reason for me to move. I loved my life in the Philippines. and I know my brothers love it there too. Their lives (and loves?) are over there. No reason for them to move here.


I know God brought me here. I know He sees the desires of my heart. And I trust that in His own way, He will provide and grant this desire. All I pray for is that they will continue to have close bonds with my kids - bonds that remain through time and distance.