Rockband vs. Guitar Hero

We've got the Guitar Hero for Wii. BIL has his Xbox Rockband.

We only got the Guitar Hero because Legends of Rock was on sale and we got it for a ridiculously low price (we had a coupon to use on top of the already slashed price on Black Friday). We were quite pleased with the purchase. DH was particularly having a blast. Then he received a GC to Target and the first thing he does is get Guitar Hero World Tour. This is the game that can be expanded to include other instruments - like Rockband.

As I mentioned in my post earlier, BIL lent us his Rockband and it's been a blast playing with it. I particularly like the drums! Even the kids enjoyed it too. At first, they simply watched and were our #1 fans. DD3 would literally shriek the moment she sees us get the intruments and hears the intro of the games. Even without home theater seating, you'd get the full view & sounds of the game thanks to the widescreen TV and surround sound DH has hooked up in the family room.

In a small way, I've been able to compare the two and I think I know more songs in Guitar Hero World Tour. It's got Beat it by Michael Jackson, for goodness' sake! So cool to play it! Plus there is a beginner level in the guitar that DS can play. It just involves strumming. His fingers can't quite reach the fret buttons yet so he is unable to play. That is a major point for guitar hero to me!

Anyone have any opinion on these two games?