What Kind of Shoe are You?

I was killing time yesterday and stumbled upon one of those fun little quizzes. So I answered the short list of questions and it was determined that I was a ballet shoe. I suppose it's kinda close to how I am as a person. I'm definitely not the high-powered corporate stiletto type of gal. Recently though, I've been more and more drawn to wearing high heels. Yeah, HIGH heels! Me! A mother of 4 in high heels.

I guess I just grew tired of feeling frumpy and old and blah. Not that I'm frumpy or old or blah - or am I? A.n.y.way... I've just been feeling like I want to dress up more and feel like a girl. I know I've let myself go and I don't like that. I know I'm a mom and all but I gotta take care of myself too. So I've been putting on some make up more often now. I've been going to the gym (well, at least semi-regularly before the holiday crazies began).And those high heels I bought were sort of tangible reminders to myself not to let myself go completely.

So, I've worn my heels several times - usually to church when I get dressed up. On New Year's Eve, I wore them again and MIL could not help but comment. LOL! Guess she was not used to seeing me wear these types of shoes. She was worried I might trip or hurt myself. I think she was articulating her concern for her daughter's penchant for wearing stilettos too, worrying about Plantar Fasciitis and all sorts of things that could happen while wearing heels.

Yes, I may be a ballet shoe but once in a while I let my inner stiletto come out and strut down the street. Watch out world, this little star is about to shine! *wink*


Gabi | Wednesday, January 07, 2009 6:06:00 PM

I hear ya on feeling more girly, Joy. I should start to take more care about myself as well...

Have a wonderful rest of the week!