Out of Sorts on Halloween

My bro emailed me a couple of days ago asking for pics of the kids on halloween. With a heavy heart, I had to tell him that there were no pictures. Yes, it's true. I took no pictures on halloween! Argh!

Life threw me a curve ball and I just could not recover that night. Hence, the absence of pictures.

We had actually gone to a friend's house for a halloween party so there might be pics of the kids that night. I had even dressed up although that was done half-heartedly too.

It was our first time to go group trick-or-treating. I usually just take my kids around our community. This time, from our friend's house, we drove to a nearby park where the surrounding houses were decked out in halloween decor. The kids enjoyed going around with their friends. I did not. My feet were killing me. I was in boots and it was not the most comfortable pair at all. The place we went to was quite hilly so the roads were going up and down and up and down. If I had known about Beautifeel shoes and owned a pair, that would definitely have helped my night.

Anyway, what's important was that the kids enjoyed the night. Our stash of candy is still quite large. I ration out their candy and let them eat moderately. And yes, even little DD3 has discovered the joys of candy!

Anyway, I'm hoping that my bad night at halloween is not a precedent for the rest of our holidays this year. I'm making sure it does not! After all, our family will be complete this Christmas... yes, my bros will be flying in!!! This should be a lot of fun!!!