Yes we can!

I've refrained from making political posts since the start of this presidential campaigns. I wanted to steer away from trouble. This much I want to say ... I could not, in good conscience, vote for someone who allows unborn babies to be killed. I just cannot. And I will not.

With that said, I cannot help but be hopeful for the future of America. I am moved by the turnout of yesterday's elections. I may not agree with the principles other people stand by but I am moved by the vast number of voters who came out and voted. This is what democracy is about. This is what America needs. America needs its citizens to care about her future. America needs its citizens to care. Period.

And so I am moved and am hopeful that Barack Obama can sustain in the American people this renewed love for country. Everyone is hopeful. Everyone is electrified. I pray everyone will come together and help this country move forward.