One more reason to go organic

So, I was talking to my friend a few weeks ago and learned that she has developed an allergy to chicken when she moved here to the US. She used to eat chicken all the time in the Philippines with no problem. In fact, when she goes home to the Philippines, she eats chicken there and does not have any allergic reaction at all!!!

Our hypothesis for this would be the kinds of feeds being given poultry here. Or maybe even hormones possibly being injected into their systems. I've heard that cows are being injected hormones which makes them grow bigger and produce more dairy products. But it would be safe to assume that this causes a negative effect too. One effect I've read is that the meat and dairy products from these cows have less CLA content which is an essential fatty acid beneficial to us.

If you've developed an allergy to a certain food, try going organic and see if this helps.

Organic foods are more naturally grown. But they are more expensive too - which is a bummer for money-conscious moms like me. I'm slowly trying to incorporate more organic products into my grocery list. Oftentimes though, cost prohibits me from doing so. Feeding 8 people healthy meals is not an easy thing to do when you're on a tight budget.