A Week Full of Birthdays

The three women in DH's life all celebrate their birthdays in the same week. I had my birthday last Tuesday. SIL on Wednesday. MIL today.

So, last night, we had our big family dinner out bday celebration. We ate at PF Changs. Yummy stuff of course. Something that was very noticeable was that there was hardly any other diners in there. There used to be a wait for tables, even on weeknights. Not this time. There were maybe only 3 or 4 other groups of diners in the restaurant. Highly unusual from our experience. But I suppose this just goes to show that many are tightening their belts nowadays. Eating out is a luxury a lot of people are giving up.

Well, we had a good time. We enjoyed each other's company. We tried to take group pics afterward but the kids, particularly DD3 would not cooperate.

We had our annual exchange of gifts. LOL! Of course, I was the one who bought the gifts for SIL & MIL. Sometimes, I think that DH thinks that a gift has to be at least a certain price to be of value to the receiver. He sometimes turns up his nose at me when I give my crafty presents. Well, this year, I did not give crafty presents. SIL got a skinit.com laptop skin. I used a picture of a pink stargazer lily which is her fave flower. For MIL, I bought her a book, Praying with Padre Pio. DH wanted to buy her an external hard drive too because she wants to have a backup of her computer files. But I told her that she'd appreciate the book way more than the hard drive. I mean, we can still get it if she needs it but I think we hit a homerun with the book. MIL has been talking to me about Padre Pio lately and I sensed that she was drawn to his spirituality. When I looked thru the book, I felt that this was exactly what she would like.

We'll be visiting her later today after DS gets off school. It's the start of a busy weekend for our family. We'll probably get home late tonight from MIL's house. Tomorrow morning, bright & early is DD1's tricycle rodeo. In the evening, there is a get-together at a friend's house. On Sunday, DS has a Scout family field trip to a corn maze at Temecula.

A lot of photo opps for sure. I just hope I remember to take them. I just feel like I'm in a fog because of this darn cold that's keeping me congested. UGH!

Hope you have an awesome weekend. Hope to come back here next week with pics to share.