ArtTherapy Thursdays

There's a new challenge up at The Hub. I really hope some of you can join in. This week's challenge is all about blending. Kirsten & I have posted tutorials on our respective ways of blending a photo to a paper. She uses PhotoImpact. I use PSCS2. Head on over there to read the tutorial!!!

Here's my page that I used to illustrate some steps of the tutorial. This is DD2 with DH during the recent LA County Fair. The 3 kids (DS, DD1, DD2) all wanted to get on this giant slide. But DD2 was slow in getting up that flight of steps. By the time she reached the top, her 2 older siblings had gone down without her. So, she refused to get down. Of course, Daddy to the rescue. Once she was safely in Daddy's arms, she was all excited again and giddily went down the slide with him.

The list of materials I used for this page can be viewed here.

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