My dream home ...

remains a dream...LOL!

With home prices down, now would be an ideal time to buy a house, right? It would if you had cash to pay for it! Or if you've got at least 20% for downpayment plus really excellent credit. So, even if we wanted to buy a house now, it is not possible.

I gotta be thankful though for this house that we have. At least we have a roof over our heads without the threat of foreclosure other homeowners have been facing.

But quite frankly, this isn't my dream house. My dream house has a big backyard where my kids can play in their wooden swing sets, where there is enough room to entertain. My dream house has a big kitchen, maybe a kitchen island and a breakfast nook where the kids can do homework while I prepare dinner. DH's dream house has a game room or at least an area where he can put a pool table in.

For now, this dream house remains a dream. It continues to be a dream since it's free to dream anyway. LOL!

Hope you have a dream-filled weekend!!