A semi-purge

The seasons are changing. Although the change in seasons in not as pronounced here in So.Cal as it would be in the east coast, there should still be a slight change. The air should be a little nippier. Light sweaters and flannel pajamas come out of the closets. Yes, that is what it should be. For a couple of days, it did get a little chillier. Lately, however, it's all been warm.warm.warm.

Anyway, I've been getting ready for cooler weather. That means an overhaul of the kids' wardrobes/closets. A little purging was in order. The summer clothes DD3 has outgrown is being given away. I had made the decision not to keep these baby clothes because there just wasn't any more space. Purging their closets led me to a semi-purging of my own. And I discovered at the back corner of my closet the 2 boxes of wholesale fashion jewelry my mom had brought from the Philippines last year - or was it 2 years ago? Not entirely sure now. Anyway, it was a LOT! It's a long story how these got to me. I really was not sure what I'd do with it. One Christmas, I gave some away as Christmas presents. Still, loads were left over. Fortunately, several weeks ago, our parish had our fall festival and they were asking for donations. I decided to donate everything to them. I don't know if they sold any but at least it's not cluttering my closet floor anymore!

I still need to look through the rest of my clothes and see if there are any I need to give away. I did a major purge back in spring so I think I won't need another big purge anytime soon.