Sick so soon?!

With school starting and cooler weather coming, I knew that the sickies would come and wreak havoc in our household sooner or later. However, I did not expect it to come this soon! On the first week of school? Cooler weather is not even in the horizon yet... and the kids are sick already?! UGH!

Yup, unfortunately, all 4 kiddos have been hit. It started with DS. A couple of days later, the girls succumbed to the fever one by one. DH says it's all viral. Nothing much we can do, I suppose but treat the symptoms. I'm not too worried either. They're not really acting sick at all. Their energy levels may have gone down a teeny tiny notch but really not too noticeable. LOL! They're like agile kitties on brand new cat trees - they're up and over, around and under. In other words, they're still all over the place!!

On a side note to my family, I've updated the fotopages of the kids. I don't think it's been sending out updates anymore. Could you maybe try to sign up for updates again please? Otherwise, just keep checking here and I'll let you know when I've uploaded new pics of the kids.


Rebecca Tyler | Thursday, September 04, 2008 8:35:00 PM

I hope your kiddos feel better soon. Not a fun way to start out the school year. :o(