Our very own drive-in movie experience

Two Saturdays ago, our friends and I put together our very own "drive-in" movie experience. We've been wanting to go out and try a nearby drive-in. But having small kids kinda get in the way. Haha... So, we decided to recreate the experience at the backyard of out friend. It was quite simple actually. My friends knew someone who had a computer projector and a white projector screen which they borrowed. They fired up the grill for some burgers and hotdogs for dinner then when it got dark, we laid out mats and pillows and the kids chose their movie. We watched "Sword in the Stone." We also served popcorn in those popcorn bags like in the movie theaters. There were also different kinds of candy in movie theater boxes. Just some details that make it feel like the real thing.
All in all, the kids had fun. My kids expecially coz they have not had that much candy and popcorn in one night! LOL!


Tylertopia | Tuesday, September 02, 2008 11:19:00 AM

What a FUN idea! :o) You guys are so creative.