Yearbook Yourself

Kirsten, over at the ScrapArtist team shared this site with us and I think it's super cool! You can experiment and see for yourself how you would've looked through the years. It's pretty funny and kinda weird too. Look at me in the 1960's. What's striking about this is I think I look like my mom in this pic. I've never really seen a similarity between me and my mom. But this pic, this one could definitely pass for one of her older pics I think.
Go ahead and yearbook yourself
. If you do, I hope you show me one of your pics, just for laughs. What's funny though is that the picture they generated for the year I graduated from high school is no way near how I looked back then. LOL! It was not the hairstyle I had back then. But it got me reminiscing too. LOL! Ahhh... high school days!


Tylertopia | Sunday, September 07, 2008 11:22:00 AM

I totally did this after reading your post. LOL, it was..a bit scary. haha. I might post a pic on my blog at some point but I haven't decided yet. I don't really want to scare my husband away when he sees it. LOL. Wait, he already is away I guess...Can't get much farther than where he is now right? hehe. :o)