Weight Loss Update

So another month has passed and I am sorry to say that this month has been a setback in my quest to lose weight. Ugh! and I know exactly what went wrong - I was eating all the bad stuff. I'm telling you, my willpower to resist good food is nowhere to be found. I've never been good at resisting food. My game plan has almost always been not to bring into the house food that I should not be eating anyway - food that I know I will almost always eat. However having guests around means bringing in food I would not normally buy. sigh... yeah, yeah, pretty lame excuse - but that's my story and I'm sticking with it. Ha!
Anyway, I'm now wondering if I need some weight loss aids, some appetite suppressants maybe? Hehehe... I've read that there is well-reviewed pill out there now called Fentraphen.
I've read some articles on it and it seems like it delivers. and they have a 90-day guarantee. I'm not likely to try it but it's getting to be really tempting. Sigh...
I really need to get back into the gym regularly. I've been going about 2x a week. I need to go more often. I'm trying out how to work it into my family's sked now that school is back in session. The good thing going for me right now is that my parents are here so they can watch the kids while I exercise.
Well, another month is another chance to get back into the weight loss program. so till next month, I hope I can reach my goals then.


Tylertopia | Tuesday, September 02, 2008 11:36:00 AM

You'll get back on track. :o) Just say no to diet pills. So unhealthy and not a good way to consistantly keep the weight off. Have you ever considered the Weight Watchers program? I lost 22lbs. in 2.5 months...and I eat quite a bit of food. I LOVE food. LOL. :o)It just teaches you smaller portions and better choices. After I lost 4 lbs my first week, I decided to stick with it to see more and more results. It's motivating.

I just wanted to throw that out there for 'ya in case you were interested in checking out the program. Oh, and you don't have to pay a bunch of money...I paid for 3 months and then with the tools and knowledge gained in that period I just decided to continue and follow the "points" system I was on and stopped paying for the online tools and the meetings. The results are inspiring enough for me. :o)

Hang in there! Oh, and check out www.hungry-girl.com for some fabulous tips and recipes. That site rocks!!