Our Sun-day

We spent another wonderful sunny summer day at the beach today. We went to the same beach (Laguna Beach) but tried out a different section. It was less crowded than the main beach but we could still go swimming. The waves were huge and fun.

We arrived there early enough that we were able to pick out a nice spot. We planted ourselves near the lifeguard station which proved to be interesting as I people watched. LOL. Different people came to the lifeguard needing different things. Some asked what the tides were going to be like for the day. Some were inquiring if other people had turned in their gold bangle or cellphone or their driver's license. I suppose the lifeguard's pretty much used to this.

Anyway, it was a nice day spent with family. My bro came with us. Plus, DH's siblings and their significant others were there too. It was a fun day. DH and I got to swim by ourselves too as our respective siblings tended to our kids. Aaah... we should do that more often! LOL!

I was able to take some pics but I haven't gotten it off the camera yet. Maybe I'll share some next time. Hope everyone has a nice week ahead!

BTW, anyone else watching the Olympics?!


Tylertopia | Monday, August 11, 2008 4:12:00 PM

Sounds like a fun and relaxing day! I always wondered how much activity Life Gaurds had during the times they are sitting and watching...now I know! They get lots of other activity. LOL. Great spot for people watching. :o)