Fun with the grandparents

Hi all!
I'll share pics next time but just wanted to let you know that my parents are here now. They arrived safely last Thursday and the kids have been having a blast with the grandparents.
And the grandparents are feeling like rockstars! LOL! They're being pulled in different directions, 4 kids all vying for their attention!! And they're lovin' it of course!
On Thursday night, DS asked if Lolo(grandpa) could sleep in his room for the night. Lolo said yes so they spent the night together. DS' bed has a pull-out so Lolo slept there.
I'm still trying to get a feel for our new situation. And there's a lot of catching up and stories to tell between my parents and me.
So, if I don't pop in here for the next few days, you know that I've been busy!