Assessing the Family's Growth

I mentioned that late last year, DH and I wrote up some goals for our family. During our meeting with our support group from our community, we encouraged each other to be more specific with our goals, breaking them down into financial, personal, career goals. Then, during our MoMs meeting, one of the moms shared that she and her husband had planned to pray and seek what character trait they want to work on in each of their children for the year.
I feel that I want to do that with my children too. Although, right now, just thinking about it feels a little overwhelming as we have 4 children. LOL! But I think that I really need to pray about this and seek God's mind so that I may be able to steer my children to the right path this year.
Because we have set goals for our family, I think it is best that we assess how our family is doing every quarter. It probably seems like a cpm system that assesses how a company is progressing. The family is a unit that is ever-changing. And it is very important that we assess if things are working or not working. We learn from our mistakes. We build upon our strengths. Family life - good family life, takes a lot of work. I suppose I took it for granted when I did not have my own family yet. I did not realize how much work it was for my parents to be able to raise us up according to God's ways. And I believe they did well. My siblings and I have become responsible, mature Christians. And I know that God looks upon my parents and smiles upon them for a job well done. And I know that I am blessed because of my parents' faithfulness.


Shari | Monday, February 18, 2008 10:08:00 PM

I really like this idea - to seek and pray about what kind of character trait to work on for each child.