A Weekend update post

We spent most of the weekend home...

On Friday, I had my MoMs meeting. Though DH was off from work, I still took the 3 girls with me because I sensed that he was not up to babysitting them. I was right. When I got home, he was feeling lethargic and not his usual self like he needed energy pills to get him started. That afternoon, I went to DS' school to rack up an hour of my parent service hours by helping wipe down the classroom tables. Not too bad since I was credited with an hour's worth of service but I was really there just for half an hour. I still need 5 more hours to complete before the end of March.

On Saturday, DH and I had initially planned to take the family to Disneyland. But we had to forego of our plans as DH was still feeling sick. Seems like he has gotten the flu. Poor guy! The kids were really disappointed but they understood when I told them that we could not go because Daddy was sick.
Funny story: When we were getting ready for dinner, DD2 runs up to me and says, "But mom, we did not go to Disneyland yet!" LOL! I guess she was patiently waiting the whole day for us to get a-going to the theme park! I just had to really laugh out loud. She was so cute!

On Sunday, DH was still sick - even more than the day before. He's semi-quarantined himself to hoepfully prevent the rest of the family from catching whatever it is that he has. This situation has made it personally tiring for me too. I've had to basically take care of the kids with minimal help for the whole weekend. It isn't anything new, however. It was like this for most days when DH was still in school.

Sunday was also a special day for our scouts. DS' pack was acknowledged at the 9 am mass in our parish. The kids got to walk into the church with Fr. Ciro. It was a special time for them.

Today, DH is still sick. He called in sick at work. So, pls. include him in your prayers - that he may recover soon. For his sake and for the sake of my sanity! LOL!

Hope you have a great week ahead!


DigiscrapMom | Tuesday, February 12, 2008 7:20:00 AM

Awww :( that's pretty bad. i hope hubby gets well very soon. it's not a really nice sight if one member of the family is sick.

enjoy the rest of the week :)