Sorry I've been away...

I realized I haven't posted in over a week! It's been quite busy around here.

I just finished working on a scrapbook album for a client! Woohoo! That sounds so professional! Hahaha... This is my first official album project since getting all my legal paperwork done. I am officially in business.

Anyway, this album took all my time. The album is for my client's (she's actually the mom of a good friend but I just love how I can call her client - sounds so business-like - so pls. indulge me) other daughter who is graduating from college this weekend. We put together an album starting from her kindergarten days to college. I had originally designed a 19-page album. But then, she kept sending me new photos to add. The album expanded to 23 pages. I had to rush finishing it too. The graduation isn't until this Sunday, but the family and I are driving up to San Francisco tomorrow so I had to have the album ready and delivered by tonight.

I finished the album this morning. It's out being printed as we speak. Once they are ready, I will pick them up and assemble the album. Then, off to deliver the album.

Yup, we're driving up to San Francisco tomorrow - all 8 hours of driving! DH is attending a conference up there so we decided to make a trip of it. We'll be staying at our good friend's home while he is in the conference. Then we'll make a stop at his uncle's place too. We drive back down on Sunday.

I'm glad we're going on a trip. It would be nice to get away for a while. I'm just not sure how the kids will hold up throughout the 8 hour drive to get there. We're taking the SUV so that it'll be more comfortable. But that is also a no-food-allowed-here vehicle. DH is so determined to keep this one clean. He sees how beat up and dirty the vehicle I use has become. That's to be expected with 3 kids 5 yrs. and below, right? I wonder if DH will give in to the kids when they start clamoring for food while we are in the middle of nowhere, with no rest stop or diners nearby. This is going to be an interesting trip is all I will say.

I really need to go now and start preparing what we need to bring for the trip.

Before I go, I'd like to leave you with this LO I made for the All About Me challenge over at SBB. We were asked to scrap about our favorite song. I had used this song in a LO before but I just had to scrap it again. That's me as a toddler.
{Layout Credits: Orange You Glad paper pack by Helen O'Daniel, Digital Distressing Kit by Nancie Rowe Janitz, Stitching from Gina Miller's Perfectly Imperfect Stitches, template by Jen Caputo; Fonts: Problem secretary, Dymo, Century Gothic, Carpenter, Elegant}

This is it for me, at least for a few days. Hope you all have a good Memorial Day weekend (for those in the US). Hope you all have a good weekend wherever you are. I'll be back next week!
God bless!

{Barb & Jessica, I've read the comments you left. Thank you for dropping by. I will drop by your blogs soon and I hope to get to know you too. God bless!}