A Woman's Prayer

In honor of our anniversary and of the man who has made me happy and special, I'd like to share this prayer I came across some years back. I don't even recall where I got it from. In my journal, the author was not written. Before our wedding, I remember just reading this prayer to him and telling him that he was the answer to this prayer of mine... I love him so!

As I close my eyes and open my soul in prayer to ask for the one who will bring me joy,
I ask tht he will be strong enough to hold me when I am weak and gentle enough to wipe the tears from my eyes.
Let my cheek fit perfectly in the crook of his neck so when he embraces me, we are two pieces of a puzzle complete.
Make him smile at the sound of my voice to make me believe that I am the only woman on earth.
Make him handsome and winning, give him a sense of humor so he can make me laugh even when I feel like crying, and give him the sensitivity to protect (me) even (from) the imaginary creatures that haunt me.
Make him unafraid to show the child inside of him.
When he enters a room, let him be graceful yet masculine.
Give him the intelligence to speak to my mind, my heart and my soul.
Let his words and his love enter my being like food to a starving soul.
Give him a gentle touch, a strong voice and a loving embrace.
Let him love my mother and my father as his own, and let them love him as their son.
Allow his shoulders to be wide enough to carry the burdens of the wicked world, with a good heart and an understanding soul.
Give him a direction, and ambition, and give him the initiative to freely seek that which he desires and needs in this life.
Let him accept me for who I am, and yet let him point out my mistakes while conceding that he is not perfect.
Make him considerate, even when others are not watching.
Make him my friend first, and a lover second.
But most of all, make him embrace my God, as I know how to embrace Him.
Make him unashamed to turn to Him in joyous moments and in sad.
Let us be reborn in Him a single soul encompassing two bodies, and let us love Him in peaceful harmony.